Oscar Lerwill (the best hacker in London) finds at the news-leaks website “WikiPunch” an encrypted file that holds the key to the identity of Jack The Ripper.  The hacker manages to decode the file partially and finds that the murderer’s next target will be Lila DeClide. (his beloved cam-harlot).

Striving to protect Lila, Oscar seeks the help of his friend Adam Rhett (the infamous Mad-as-a-hatter troll). This is a perilous move since Adam is protected Sine-Nomine (the unnamed group of hacktivists).


Upon this, the constables of Cyber-Scotland Yard and Mr Humbbaugh (the owner of the sensationalistic “Illustrated Police Blog,” go after Oscar) and declare the hacker a peril to the cyber-security of the Empire.


Under the vigilant eye of the Internet police, the misinforming rumors of Mr Humbbaugh, the devious tricks of Adam, a steamy love triangle with Lila and the threat of Jack the Ripper, Oscar tries to solve puzzle after puzzle and crack into the codes that will lead him to find the identity of the killer.